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On one of Barcelona’s cutest streets, (Doctor Dou), near one of the most perfect bakeries, (Reykavik), is a little store called Costura. Two friends decided that the city was in dire need of some serious sewing commodities and after much thought and care, their small dream was born.

maquina de coser alfa

tienda costura

costura barcelona

Asami and Sonia have created the perfect blend of quirky clothing, Japanese fabrics, sewing items, customizing kits and best of all, sewing machines that can be rented by the hour. As flats become smaller and smaller, there just isn’t any room (or money for that matter) to actually own a machine. Costura offers the perfect solution, just pop round and use one of their machines for a few hours.

talleres de costura barcelona

tienda costura barcelona

tienda costura en calle doctor dou

Another great aspect about Costura is their workshops. Don’t know how to use a machine? There is sure to be some tailored lessons for you to learn. Want to sharpen your skills and meet new people, then why not sign up to one of Costura’s many learning experiences? While life seems to be rushing by more and more quickly, there is a growing number of people that are actively searching to slow things down, re-learn old skills and breathe calmly.

tela japonesa


costura tienda en barcelona

I love when I walk into a place and my eyes start jumping everywhere because there are so many details to take in. My heart gets all jumpy too. (I’m obviously not a big fan of minimalist trends…) From rolls and reams of fabric to lamb-shaped buttons, ribbons, retro toys and sewing machines, there are so many things to gaze at. A huge congratulations to the two girls for their dedicated efforts. Now all we need is special days where they team up with Reykavik to offer sewing / baking classes…

Calle Doctor Dou 4

Update: Sadly, Costura has closed. I wish Asami and Sonia all the best in whatever their next scheme may be!

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3 Comments on "Costura"

  1. colleen
    03/11/2011 at 11:41 Permalink

    My friends had a store just like this, with rentable sewing machines in Chicago. D.I.Y. Hards.

  2. Lisa
    04/11/2011 at 02:42 Permalink

    Congrats – this looks beautiful and I wish you all the best with this! I have some free sewing patterns on my website ( your customers might like to make while using your cafe.


  1. [...] ribbon around them and secured with rubber bands for a custom fit for her drawer.         …

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