Paco Peralta: Old-School Elegance and Precision

modisto paco peralta, barcelona, made to measure

After a brief, two-week hiatus involving Easter and lots of chocolate, what better way to return than to spend some time with a very talented person, Paco Peralta. Easy-going yet animated, with firm convictions and bucket-loads of anecdotes, Sir Peralta is an entertaining conversationalist. I spent the morning in his small workshop, which is located in his apartment, and the time just flew by as the rain fell softly outside the windows.

paco peralta, barcelona, modisto

Paco Peralta emanates calm and charm, two qualities that are evident in his work. He defines himself as a dressmaker, a tailor of old-school elegance. What is recognised here in Spain as a modisto. He has a gathering of fans and clients, faithful to his precise work. I was able to quiz him and find out some crucial details.

creatividad de paco peralta, taller, barcelona

maquina de coser, paco peralta

Born in Huesca, Paco Peralta moved to Barcelona when he was around the age of 24. He soon enrolled at the Institut Catala de la Moda, where he studied pattern and fashion design. Having been passionately attracted to drawing from a very early age, Paco quickly became bored with the learning process and was itching to get started on his own. Before the course was completed, he set up shop and became a freelance pattern-cutter. He gradually worked his way to creating made-to-measure clothes, mostly by trial and error.

This is where Paco Peralta’s talent is overwhelming. Much of his knowledge springs directly from pure logic. Careful calculations made in advance means that he manages to avoid situations where he has to apply a hasty solution to a garment. With mathematical precision, each garment is run through the haute couture system: draw and cut the pattern, the confection of a toile, and personal fittings. He has managed to simplify this system to achieve his personal best. When a garment resists and the process comes to a standstill, Paco refuses to keep tweaking. The process must flow.

mesa taller paco peralta, barcelona

paco peralta modisto, barcelona

taller paco peralta, barcelona

Peralta has created garments commissioned for advertising in the past, and even went to London in 1995 to help out his cousin, Lionel Peralta, who at the time was studying at Central Saint Martins. He helped to sew Lionel’s final collection before graduation and it was in that precise year that Stella McCartney was also finishing. There is even a photo of Lionel and Stella together in class!

prendas paco peralta, barcelona

blusa paco peralta, barcelona

detalles de prendas paco peralta, taller, barcelona, prendas hechas a medida

Peralta is inspired by Paco Rabanne or Geoffrey Beene, those space-age, futuristic elements and boxy lines. Clean, simple silhouettes are evident in all of his pieces; each and every detail is exquisite, from linings to hems, buttons to trimmings. Each garment is understated elegance, accompanied by that perfect weightiness that is only present in extremely well-made clothes. Curiously enough, he is fascinated by original Yves Saint Laurent, to the point where he is painstakingly collecting any patterns that he can get his hands on.

paco peralta skirt, barcelona

falda paco peralta, barcelona, taller, made to measure

More than willing to share the secrets of his talents, Paco offers his patterns for sale on Etsy. While others jealously guard their tricks up their sleeve, this Spanish tailor gives the best of himself for others to enjoy. He says that he is in a strange profession and there are many different styles of approaching work. No one method is right or wrong. In his case, Paco is very visual and doesn’t like to leave things to chance. Yet at the same time, he is not a control-freak.

paco peralta jacket, taller en barcelona

made to measure paco peralta, barcelona, taller, vera ciria

One of his pet peeves are trends that are presented as something new when said trends are just reworked versions of styles from the past. Although it’s difficult, Paco does believe that it is possible to create new styles and trends. Items that awaken a curiosity in him to find out how they have been put together. He cites Hussein Chalayan as a great master of innovative talent.

The rain continues to fall and it is now time for lunch. I leave. I feel full and satisfied. Paco Peralta is an astonishing character and I wish him all the best in his work.


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  1. Mich Micenmacher
    04/05/2011 at 20:18 Permalink

    ¡Preciosas las fotos!

  2. urbandon
    09/05/2011 at 01:33 Permalink

    Wonderful review and great photos.

  3. Vera Ciria
    09/05/2011 at 09:32 Permalink

    Thanks for your comment Dan. I’ve been checking out your work. Nice!

  4. Tany
    10/05/2011 at 17:52 Permalink

    Vera, though I never had the pleasure of meeting Paco in person, I subscribe to every word in this article and I applaud with great emotion your work on Paco’s charismatic personality and métier. Paco is a very dear friend to me, a true friend, someone with a great altruistic soul and rare talent who deserves recognition and applause! BRAVO!

  5. Vera Ciria
    11/05/2011 at 00:26 Permalink

    Tany. Thanks for your lovely comment. Paco is absolutely delightful in person and I feel very honoured to have spent time with him. There are not many people around that exude the qualities that you pointed out. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog!

  6. paco peralta
    11/07/2011 at 13:13 Permalink

    Vera.- Todavía no había plasmado aquí mi agradecimiento, así que muchas gracias por todas tus atenciones. Disfruto mucho leyendo tu blog, y me encantan los últimos post sobre las pasarelas. Gracias por tu comentario, me alegro que te guste el vestido. Ha sido un trabajo de “chinos” y demasiado para una sola persona, pero pienso que el resultado final está bien.

    Un abrazo

  7. Vera Ciria
    12/07/2011 at 13:18 Permalink

    Paco, tus palabras me llenan el corazón, muchas gracias.
    El resultado final es precioso, no te quepa duda. Me encantaría saber más sobre todo el proceso.
    Abrazos para ti también.


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